Virtual Desktops


CyberNet's Virtual Desktops

CyberNet's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is built to our customers with the speed and ability to scale their organizations without needing to deploy massive capital.

Whether that is physical capital or human capital, our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is built to save your organization time and money.

In addition to the cost savings, our customization capabilities that is available in our VDI's ranging from CPU's to GPU's will provide your IT team a complete slate of different solutions for every type of employee.

Custom Built with Flat Pricing

Each of the VDI's are custom tailored to that specific instance giving you IT team the ability to provide resources to each individual user based their specific needs. You can determine how much CPU, RAM, SSD, or GPU each VDI will receive, therefore you will not overpay extra capacity per user that is going to waste.


Years in Business


Calls per year


Network Operating Center


Customer Retention Rate

Whatever Operating System You Need

We support different types of OS on our VDI's, allowing you IT team to chose based on the roles and responsibilities that the team member has and needs. Our two most popular options are Windows 10 and Linux, and each VDI comes fully license giving your employee full capabilities.

Fully Built Including Apps

Each VDI has the capability to come fully stacked with as many applications as your team needs to continue working without skipping a beat. Some of most popular applications are Office 365 and Adobe, but there are a list of different products and applications you can select from that can be built into your VDI deployment.

Built on Any OS

Your IT Team can Choose What's Best for Each User

Full Stack Deployments

The VDI's Come Ready with Applications

Design Based on Your Needs

VDI's Resources Can be Calibrated based on User's Needs


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