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We are Continually Pushing the Boundaries of Technology to Ensure We Provide our Customers with an Unparalleled Experience 

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At CyberNet Communications, we believe that a great solution consists of two essential components: service and customer. While many carriers focus on providing cutting-edge products without compromising reliability, we take it a step further by considering customer's perspective. We recognize that each type of customer has unique needs that set them apart from others, and it is crucial for any carrier to truly understand these needs to deliver a truly beneficial service.

That's why we break down customer needs across different industries. We understand that even though an enterprise and technology company may appear similar on the surface, they require specific products tailored to their individual requirements and goals on a daily basis. 


Non Profit

Being a fully license carrier, CyberNet can provide all the proper funding tools to our non-profit customers giving them extremely affordable solutions

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Our 25 years of supporting growing enterprise needs gives us the ability to design the ideal products to provide your team what it needs to succeed

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CyberNet can utilize our license to provide complete solutions with the ability to apply for E-Rate

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Our extensive fiber network allows for us to be able to design large capacity networks ideal for entertainment needs

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With the ability to design private networking clouds, CyberNet’s products are ideal to provide reliability and security for type of data

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Whether it is 5 or 500 stores, retailers can benefits tremendously with 99.999% uptime reliability that come with our solutions

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With a completely HIPAA compliant network all of our Healthcare customer can rest easily knowing that their information is safe and secure

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With our fiber all across the continent regardless of location our team can deliver services to wherever your manufacture your goods

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Get To Know

Our forward thinking mentality has always pushed us to build solutions that stand for decades, allowing our customers to be comfortable with riding their mission critical applications on our network. We continually are looking to push the technological boundaries ensuring we provide our customers and end users  the most cost effective robust solutions available in the market

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Who We Are

 With more than 25 years of experience, we have witnessed numerous revolutions within the industry. This longevity has given us a strong foundation in anticipating future networking trends and solutions, becoming a core competency for our company.

 Consequently, we have fostered a technically driven culture that has enabled us to develop unique services that are not offered by other carriers. Our ability to stay ahead of the curve and understand the evolving needs of our customers has allowed us to differentiate ourselves in the marketAbout us


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