As a complete e-rate provider, CyberNet offers a wide range of high-capacity and secure solutions for data, voice, and infrastructure to meet the need for content capacity. CyberNet will assist in maximizing and qualifying for potential government subsidies and programs to guide and drive you as the client.

Enhancing Safety and Connectivity in Schools

Educational institutions must prioritize security measures to ensure the safety of children while accessing online content, including Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) for enhanced protection.

Schools require intricate network systems to handle the high demand for educational content efficiently.

Dedicated high-capacity internet access

Reliable internet connectivity is crucial for ensuring seamless access to educational resources and safe browsing for students.

CyberNet's tailored education communication solutions:

Custom network solutions, including SD-WAN, designed to efficiently manage content demands and optimize network performance UC solutions.

High-capacity internet routes provided through our dark fiber network infrastructure to ensure seamless connectivity for dedicated IT.

Private Cloud

Secure infrastructure designed to safeguard data and ensure data protection in cloud computing for schools.

Why Choose CyberNet Education Communication Solutions

CyberNet uses its extensive experience to assist schools in accessing technology grants and subsidies, ensuring they get the support they deserve.

Custom School Networks

Our proven track record includes building custom networks tailored to meet the unique requirements of each educational client.

We deliver solutions that are not only secure but also cost-effective, addressing the high-capacity and complex demands of modern academic environments.

When education leaders partner with CyberNet, they gain access to dedicated support and industry-specific expertise, maximizing their investment and empowering their educational infrastructure, with dedicated internet access.

Elevating Education: How CyberNet Revolutionizes Urban School Connectivity

 Private Wide Area Networks (WANs)

Private Wide Area Networks (WANs)  enable urban school districts to boost internet access for learners, universities to facilitate rapid data exchange, and K-12 institutions to improve online learning with video conferencing and resource-sharing platforms.  

With CyberNet's Dedicated Internet Access offering speeds of up to 100 Gbps, educational institutions can create robust online learning environments. This high-capacity internet for schools route enables video lectures to be streamed without interruption, interactive applications to run smoothly, and video conferencing to happen in real-time without lag—important factors for remote and hybrid learning models.

CyberNet proposes Cloud Unified Communications solutions, which enable seamless collaboration between students, educators, and administrative staff, dismantling the barriers of traditional classroom settings. Schools harness the power of cloud computing not just for its operational agility but also for fostering an environment ripe for innovation. CyberNet's solutions effortlessly integrate with popular platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco, paving the way for a unified and efficient communication ecosystem.


CyberNet Communications specializes in delivering a comprehensive suite of technology solutions, including Unified Communications, Internet Access, Wide Area Networking (WAN), Data, Voice, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). We provide the tools needed for cutting-edge telecommunications to support teaching and inspire students.

To safeguard the digital activity and private information of teachers and students, CyberNet provides private networking solutions. Our team will create a tailored suite of services that offer data protection through private networking, securing your institution's confidential information

Yes, indeed. CyberNet, one of the leading business internet service providers, offers high-speed and reliable Dedicated Internet Access circuits, with capacity reaching up to 100 Gig. This ensures that your institution has more than enough bandwidth for campus-wide use of video lectures, interactive applications, video conferencing, and any other high-capacity needs.

Our aim is to deliver "Decade Proof" solutions, meaning we design our services to be relevant in the long term, preventing the need for costly and frequent infrastructure upgrades. With scalable circuits up to 100 Gig and a dense long haul & metro fiber network, we ensure that the infrastructure will accommodate future technological advancements.

CyberNet provides fully managed Carrier-grade digital voice networking solutions that include Hosted PBX, Digital Lines, PRIs, and SIP Trunks. Our geo-redundant clusters offer industry-leading uptime and cost-effective private computing, ensuring consistent and reliable communications.

Yes, CyberNet is a qualified E-Rate provider with over 25 years of experience in servicing schools. The E-Rate program ensures affordable access to telecommunications and information services for all recognized schools and libraries in the United States.

How does CyberNet address complex network management within educational institutions?

Our engineering department excels at developing custom solutions that streamline network management for educational institutions. We harness our large-scale fiber network to provide high-capacity and reliable circuits tailored for your institution's unique requirements.