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With CyberNet  as The Virtual Desktop Provider, Decisionmakers, Directors and CEO's can have confidence that their business is maximizing the benefits of top-tier IT services .

Custom Tailored Solutions: Our VDI adapts to the unique needs of individual users, offering a personalized computing environment that ensures optimal resource utilization. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and embrace the flexibility of CyberNet's VDI.

Fully Licensed and Stacked Applications: CyberNet's VDI Solutions come with essential applications such as Office 365 and Adobe. Enjoy the convenience of having all necessary IT services provided by us, ensuring smooth updates and proper functionality.

What Our Clients say

As the CTO of a growing fintech company, I can vouch for the effectiveness of CyberNet's Virtual Desktop Solutions. The seamless integration of VDI and DaaS has drastically reduced our IT costs and simplified complex IT management. Their customizable platform has not only enhanced our data security but has also made remote work remarkably productive. Choosing CyberNet has been one of our best strategic decisions.

Carla Fiona

Operations Director, Foot Locker

Our healthcare organization required a reliable solution that addressed both remote work challenges and stringent data security needs. CyberNet's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure was the perfect answer. The flexibility and scalability of their service have allowed us to adapt quickly to changing demands without compromising on security or functionality. CyberNet's expertise in VDI and DaaS is clearly evident in their high-quality service delivery.

Priya Desai

Operations Director, Foot Locker

CyberNet's DaaS solutions have empowered our team to work remotely without any hiccups, maintaining high productivity levels. The reduction in IT management overhead has been a game-changer for us, allowing us to focus more on client engagement and creative strategies.

Ethan Clarke

Operations Director, Foot Locker

As a startup founder, I was struggling with high IT costs and the need for scalable IT infrastructure. CyberNet's Virtual Desktop Solutions have been a cornerstone in our growth, providing us with scalable resources that adapt to our needs. Their commitment to ensuring top-notch data security and reducing IT complexities has made them an invaluable partner.

Mario Gonzalez

Operations Director, Foot Locker

Running an educational institution remotely presented unique challenges, especially when it came to IT management and data security. CyberNet's VDI and DaaS offerings have streamlined our operations, enabling educators and students to interact seamlessly in a secure virtual environment. Their solution has not only supported our educational goals but has also been cost-effective and scalable.

Lia Robertson

Operations Director, Foot Locker

Why Go With CyberNet?

Be sure to save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year that you used to spend on acquiring, hosting, managing and maintaining your infrastructures. The best part is that you can decrease your research and development/build out times, leading to an increase of revenue in the future.

Your business will be able to scale quickly, custom build solutions, and enhance remote work experience with virtual desktops that can be tailored to meet user needs and productivity. From non-profit organizations to carriers and managed service providers, our custom solutions can help turn around projects quicker, reducing R&D and buildout times while saving each year in purchase and maintenance expenses.