About Us

Why CyberNet?

CyberNet Communications, Inc. first entered the telecommunications scene as a CLEC in 1995 with a fresh and novel idea – To provide big business solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises at affordable prices and with personalized support. Over the last two decades, this commitment has never faltered and, although the scope of our customer base has expanded to include larger companies and multi-location corporations, the company fundamental philosophy of being customer-committed has never changed. We have designed our internal structure, product deployment direction, and marketing strategies to achieve this goal.

Our Philosophy

We have, and will continue to, explore new technological avenues to provide our customers with the most innovative solutions to better serve their needs. We have created a friendly forum where our customers’ ideas and suggestions are researched and developed whenever possible.  One such innovation that was created, developed, and implemented is CyberFlex™. This proprietary technology has been deployed through-out Southern California. It delivers higher speed bandwidth through our Fiber Network at a reduced cost and in a fraction of the time compared to traditional Fiber.

By focusing on the needs of our users and the every-changing trends of the marketplace, our company has been able to develop and implement a fully redundant data network and private voice switching facilities allowing it to continue to grow and adapt while other CLECs provide more of the same. Our consultative approach has allowed us to provide customers with solutions that our competitors couldn’t dream of. Developing proprietary technologies like our StayOnSM has given us the ability to provide customers with seamless redundancy in both voice and data. The strength in our network is the integration of the traditional footprint with the newest technology such as Fiber, which allows us to meet the increased demands for higher bandwidth while still maintaining flexibility and lower cost delivery. Throughout the years, our company motto has never changed: “Simplifying Communications for Business Everywhere.”

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible solutions. We have a dedicated department that is in charge of on-boarding our customers to our newest technologies. As a customer you should feel proud that our attention is focused towards  you having the smoothest service possible.

  • Statistics:
    • Industry Leading 99% Customer Retention
    • 15 seconds or less you will be speaking with a live person
    • 24/7 Live Troubleshooting Support
    • Been Around Over 20 Years oldest CLEC in Los Angeles
    • An Average of 19 Years in the Industry across our management team

Company Values


At CyberNet Communications we believe that everything comes down to taking accountability for your service. We will never shy away from being the point of contact for all of your telecom needs because we are confident that CyberNet will deliver the best, high quality service in the industry.


We don’t run after the signature. Our sales people put forward the best solution for the customer’s needs, regardless of price. Here at CyberNet, we believe that if the customer is happy then they will stay. This is what has led to our industry leading 99% customer retention rate. We look to deliver sustainable solutions that will satisfy customers for years to come.


When we deliver a solution, we are looking to alleviate a customer need and feel responsible for the outcome. We often find ourselves going above and beyond the duty of a telecom provider by helping our customer trouble shoot computer issues and so forth. We do this because we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our customers  have great service.


We take the long view when looking at the telecommunications industry. Our job is to ensure that CyberNet communications is at the cutting edge when it comes to technology and service. We make sure the steps we take as an organization add to our longevity

Our Guarantee

The Beginning

When we started 20 years ago, our founder quickly realized that customer needs were being ignored by the big carriers. Carriers would trap the customers in long term contracts by promising the world and under delivering. As a company, we decided that wasn’t the right way to do business. We can’t hold our customers “hostage”. From that moment, CyberNet decided to set out and transform the telecom world by providing the best and most ideal service possible. That was the foundation of the CyberNet Pledge which every CyberNet Employee believes in.

The CyberNet Pledge

Much like doctors take a Hippocratic Oath for doing no harm, at CyberNet we take a pledge to never sell a solution that the customer doesn’t need, want, or can use. We pledge that we won’t leave our customers stranded and without any solutions. We pledge to resolve the customer issues the first time, not the tenth. We pledge to be there for our customers 24/7 (that means all day and night, too). We pledge that you are more important after you sign the contract than before.

 Our Performance Guarantee

At CyberNet is doesn’t stop with The Pledge, we also have our Performance Guarantee. It states that if you have an issue with our network, support, or service then please notify us. If after 15 days we cannot resolve the problem to your satisfaction then you are out of the term of the contract. We take customer satisfaction very seriously. So much that we voluntarily place our guarantee in every contract we sign, legally bind ourselves to ensure that our customers a satisfied