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No longer bound by service location, CyberNet’s voice network offers crystal clear quality across the U.S. and worldwide. Whether your wish to transition to a cloud-based system or simply upgrade your existing equipment, CyberNet has just the right solution to meet your business needs.

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Cloud PBX

Highly adaptable to any type of work environment, CyberNet’s Cloud PBX offers the flexibility of in-office stations and remote extensions through softphones and/or mobile APPs. With a user-friendly web interface, you can change features, add extensions, change voice mails recording, pull call history, and so much more.

Starting at $10.00 per extension

SIP Channels

If you are not ready to switch to a full cloud-based solution or the cost of replaing the equipment across your locations is too high then, CyberNet SIP might be the answer. Offering more features than a traditional phone system can deliver, SIP channels is not only more cost effective but can be easily implemented.

Starting at $10.00 per channel

PRI Trunk

Many businesses still require a PRI Interface to connect to their existing phone systems. Although most carriers have moved away from this type of interface, CyberNet is still invested in providing this service. We can deliver a digital or traditional PRI interface at reasonable cost.

Starting at $129.00 per trunk

Phone Lines

In a world that has transitioned to all cloud-based services, CyberNet can still deliver phone lines through CAT3 wiring. Although these lines are far from the antiquated analog service, they are as reliable as copper but have the flexibility and price-point of digital service.

Starting at $24.95 per line

A CyberNet Team Member is standing by to help you find the right voice solution for your business. Please call 800-930-3333 or email