Telecom Services for Business in Santa Monica, California

Internet has been an important instrument of a successful business for some time now. Having a strong and reliable Internet connection and voice services inside your offices will help you stay competitive and keep up with the fast moving pace of today’s business. If you are a business owner in Santa Monica, California, CyberNet Communications is here to offer some of the best business grade telecommunications services.

Service You Can Trust

Telecom Services for Business in Santa Monica, California

CyberNet Communications is a telecommunications company based in Los Angeles and we are one of the first CLECs in the area. We’ve been in the telecom business for over 20 years and we started out by providing small and medium-sized businesses with affordable yet reliable Internet and voice services. Today, we are one of the biggest telecom providers in Los Angeles and we serve some of the largest worldwide companies like CNBC, Waldorf Astoria, Taco Bell, Sbarro, Univision, and many more. We’ve worked with non-profit, entertainment, healthcare, educational, and even governmental organizations. We have a vast experience when it comes to providing Internet and voice services to all kinds of companies. We continue to develop new technologies to this day, in order to stay competitive and to be able to provide our customers with the best possible services. Now, let’s go through some of the services CyberNet Communications has to offer:

· CyberFlex – the goal of this service is to provide business with blazing fast fiber Internet and business grade voice services.
· CyberOptics – this service allows businesses to track their telecom usage and, if needed, to increase their packages and connections within 24-48 hours.
· CyberOffice – this service provides companies with business graded Internet and phone services. Our packages prices go down to $99 for 10 Mbps Broadband with 2 Unlimited Metro Lines. Packages go up to 75 Mbps.
· CyberVoice – this service provides companies with a number of features like Online Portal Access, Remote Call Forwarding, CyberAttendant, and Voicemail to Email.
· CyberAccess – this service was built to provide businesses with fast Internet connection at low prices, without losing in quality.
· CyberWide/CyberNetwork – CyberNet has the ability to provide companies with more than just traditional Internet and phone connections. This service offers solutions such as MPLS, VPN, VPLS, and our CyberMetro E-Network.
· CyberCloud – aside from providing telecommunication solutions, CyberNet is a leader in providing companies with Internet data storage, software and redundant services.

Customer Support You Can Count On

One of our goals is to minimize costs of telecom services for companies and to increase its effectiveness. We understand that having a top-notch customer support by your side is of great importance. That is why we’ve perfected our customer support services. We will never leave our customers stranded and without a solution. Any issues our customers have will be resolved the first time, not the tenth. Customer support will be at your disposal 24/7. Even though your signature is important to us, we will do the best we can to keep you satisfied as our customer. We at CyberNet Communications believe that keeping our customers happy will ensure further cooperation. Our impeccable customer service has lead to us having a 99% retention rate. We will make sure you are given the best possible services on the market, no matter the price.

If you are set on entrusting your business with us, we encourage you to give us a call. You will be able to start using our service within 24-48 hours.