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Telecommunications Company in El Segundo, CA

In case you are a business owner in El Segundo, California and you are looking for affordable and reliable telecommunications services, you are in the right place. Having a strong Internet connection at your offices is of paramount importance nowadays, since business is moving at a high pace and a strong Internet connection will make everything easier. CyberNet Communications is here to offer you some of the best business-grade telecom services on the market.

CyberNet Communications is a telecommunications company based in Los Angeles. Being one of the Los Angeles’ first CLECs and ISPs, we have a lot of experience in providing cutting-edge, business-grade telecom services. We’ve been in the telecom business for over 20 years and we started out with providing small and medium-sized businesses with affordable telecom solutions. Now we serve some of the largest companies that operate world-wide, like Waldorf Astoria, CNBC, Sbarro, Taco Bell, and many others. We’ve worked with governmental, educational, media and technology, non-profit, and healthcare organizations. It doesn’t matter what your business is, we will make sure you get some of the best possible services. Opting for a high-speed Internet connection is highly beneficial. It will allow for smooth video conferencing, VoIP, and it will make transferring important company data between employees and branches much faster and storing data on an internet database easier. Your latency will be decreased and your download and upload speeds will increase. Utilizing this kind of connection will help your company keep up with the pace of today’s business and it will keep you afloat. Here are some of the services CyberNet Communications has to offer:

· CyberFlex – the goal of this service is to provide business with blazing fast fiber Internet and business grade voice services.
· CyberOptics – this service allows businesses to track their telecom usage and, if needed, to increase their packages and connections within 24-48 hours.
· CyberOffice – this service provides companies with business graded Internet and phone services. Our packages prices go down to $99 for 10 Mbps Broadband with 2 Unlimited Metro Lines. Packages go up to 75 Mbps.
· CyberVoice – this service provides companies with a number of features like Online Portal Access, Remote Call Forwarding, CyberAttendant, and Voicemail to Email.
· CyberAccess – this service was built to provide businesses with fast Internet connection at low prices, without losing in quality.
· CyberWide/CyberNetwork – CyberNet has the ability to provide companies with more than just traditional Internet and phone connections. This service offers solutions such as MPLS, VPN, VPLS, and our CyberMetro E-Network.
· CyberCloud – aside from providing telecommunication solutions, CyberNet is a leader in providing companies with Internet data storage, software, and other services.

Aside from these services, we offer impeccable customer support service. Our customer support teams will be at your disposal whenever you need us and we encourage you to give us a call in case you have any problems with your connection, or any malfunctions. Our representatives will not keep you on hold and your problem will be fixed as soon as possible. The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us and we will make sure you get the best possible service.

Should you choose to go with our services, do not hesitate to give us a call, we will make it possible for you to start using our services within 24-48 hours upon signing with us!

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