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Telecommunications Company in Downtown Los AngelesEnhancing your telecom services in this day and age is something every business owner should take into consideration. If you are a business owner in Downtown Los Angeles and you are thinking about changing or upgrading your packages, CyberNet Communications is here for you!

CyberNet Communications is one of the first CLECs in Los Angeles. With our vast experience, which ranges over 20 years, we’ve learned how to best serve our customers and provide top-notch internet and phone services. We started out by providing small and medium-sized businesses with reliable and affordable business grade telecom services. Even though we now serve some of the largest companies in the world like CNBC, Louis Vuitton, Waldorf Astoria, UCLA and many others, our goal has not changed. We still aim to provide companies with the most reliable internet connections that the market can offer. We’ve worked with all kinds of business, healthcare, educational, non-profit, entertainment, media and technology and even governmental enterprises. Choosing to upgrade your packages and install some of our services will most likely boost your business. Your productivity is sure to increase since video conferencing will be as clear as ever, transferring and storing data will be easy and download and upload speeds will increase. We also provide services of setting  you up with a private WAN, VPN and MPLS solutions. Here are some of the services CyberNet humbly offers:

  •        CyberFlex – the goal of this service is to provide business with blazing fast fiber internet and business grade voice services.
  •        CyberOptics – this service allows businesses to track their telecom usage and if needed to increase their packages and connections within 24-48 hours.
  •        CyberOffice – this service is provides companies with business graded internet and phone services. Our packages prices go down to $99 for 10 Mbps Broadband with 2 Unlimited Metro Lines. Packages go up to 75 Mbps.
  •        CyberVoice – this service provides companies with a number of features like Online Portal Access, Remote Call Forwarding, CyberAttendant and Voicemail to Email.
  •        CyberAccess – this service was built to provide business with fast Internet connection at low prices, without losing in quality.
  •        CyberWide/CyberNetwork – CyberNet has the ability to provide companies with more than just traditional internet and phone connections. This service offers solutions such as MPLS, VPN, VPLS and our CyberMetro E-Network.
  •        CyberCloud – aside from providing telecommunication solutions, CyberNet is a leader in providing companies Internet data storage, software and redundant services.

It goes without saying that we take full accountability and responsibility for our services. All of the services we provide are accompanied with a Performance Guarantee stating that we will provide you with the best possible service.

In case of any malfunctions or issues, our customer support is completely at your disposal. Just give us a call, no matter the time, and our team will be right there for you. Our customer support staff is at your service 24/7. Should you choose to entrust us with your business, we will make sure you receive all the perks. Your business will be important to us just the same in the future as the day you sign the papers.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need more information or in case you have questions about our services. Our representatives will be happy to assist you!

888 S. Figueroa, Los Angeles, CA Ste 420

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