Fiber-Optics Internet Access by Cybernet

CyberNet offers fiber-optics internet connection that is highly reliable and fast. CyberOptics, our top-notch fiber-optics internet solution is built to provide you with both reliable and fast Internet access at a minimal increase in cost. Learn More

Phone Lines by CyberNet

Are you looking for reliable and affordable phone line provider? Are you tired of bad phone lines that are both unreliable and costly? If you are a business owner and you are looking for a reliable and affordable telecommunications company, CyberNet is here for you! Learn More


Having a standardized Primary Rate Interface (PRI) inside your offices is surely beneficial. Utilizing cutting-edge technology will most definitely help your business. A PRI inside your office will make your staff more efficient and responsive. Most of all, the PRI will be of great importance to your customer support. Learn More

SIP Trunking by Cybernet

Opting for SIP Trunking as a means of communications in your offices is mostly known to be cost efficient. If you are looking to save on your phone bill you should definitely consider SIP trunking as an option. Learn More

Cybernet’s VPN

If your company has remote employees or other branches, accessing company’s data via a public network can put that data, and your company’s business at risk. That is why companies opt for having a VPN, a Virtual Private Network. Learn More

Private WAN by Cybernet

If you have plans for your company to operate globally, you will probably need to install a private wide area network. Private WAN makes it possible for corporations to communicate internally faster and more efficiently, which will surely increase productivity and profits. Learn More