who are we?

CyberNet Communications, Inc. first entered the telecommunications scene as a Regional Telecommunications Carrier in 1995 with a fresh and novel idea – To provide solutions that are available only to big enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses at an affordable prices and with personalized support. Over the last two decades, this commitment has never faltered and, although the scope of our customer base has expanded to include larger corporations and multi-location companies, the CyberNet’s fundamental philosophy of being customer-committed has never changed. We have designed our internal structure, product deployment direction, and marketing strategies to achieve this goal.

our philosophy

We have, and will continue to, explore new technological avenues to provide our customers with the most innovative solutions to better serve their needs. We have created a friendly forum where our customers’ ideas and suggestions are researched and developed whenever possible.

By focusing on the needs of our users and the every-changing trends of the marketplace, CyberNet has been able to develop and implement a fully redundant data network and private voice switching facilities allowing it to continue to grow and adapt while other CLECs provide more of the same. Our consultative approach has allowed us to provide customers with solutions that our competitors couldn’t easily provide.

The strength in our network is the integration of the traditional footprint with the newest technology such as Fiber, which allows us to meet the increased demands for higher bandwidth while still maintaining flexibility and lower cost delivery. Throughout the years, our company motto has never changed: “Simplifying Communications for Business Everywhere.”

Proven Results

Any company can claim that their philosophy and core values give them an edge in this competitive marketplace however, our customer-centered approach has proven to be the driving force to our success and longevetiy.

Nothing but the facts!

Industry Leading 99% Customer Retention

27 Years In Business

Oldest CLEC in Los Angeles

Average of 16 Years in the industry across our management team