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Installation  - Single user installation is free with term contract. Installation is transparent to you.

Available Speeds  - 384k to 6.0 Mbps

Guaranteed Speed  - CyberNet On-Net Broadband speeds are guaranteed.

Networking of Multiple Computers  - An experienced CyberNet Technician will install your broadband on your network for an additional fee

Free E-mail Boxes  - A number of E-mail boxes are assigned to each package depending on the package. Additional E-mail boxes are available for an additional monthly fee.

Static IPs  - Additional static IPs available for an additional monthly fee.

Equipment  - Modems and routers can be purchased or leased. Some equipment charges maybe waived based on term contract

24 hour / 7 days a Week Monitoring  - All circuits are monitored 24x7 ensuring a prompt response from our technical department in the event of a problem.

Internet T-1, DS3
Internet OC3, OC12
CyberNet VoIP
CyberNet Supertrunk T-1
CyberNet PRI T-1
CyberNet Integrated T-1
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